Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Yesterday we were suprised by a knock at the front door. It was our neighbor, Miguel, from across the street, bearing a foil-covered package on a plate. John thanked him and we took the package inside and unwrapped a delectable, whole, butterflied, grilled chicken. The wonderful aroma filled our house! We knew why Miguel brought it. He felt bad ever since last Monday.

Last Monday, my husband took our precious little dog, Ringo, for his evening walk. Unbeknownst to them, just across the street, our neighbor happened to have his dogs outside the backyard fence, where they are usually kept. This was a fateful mistake. The pit bull saw Ringo and charged! He suddenly attacked!! It was a horrific scene, our little dog screaming and yelping and my poor husband frantically trying to get the pit bull to release him. John was hitting the pit bull with his fists as hard as he could. He hollered for the neighbor, who ran to help. The neighbor ended up having to shove his fist down the dog's throat before it would release our dog. Poor Ringo got up and bolted home, and John scrambled up to run after him, falling and hurting himself (in fact, John is not getting better. We thought maybe he just bruised his ribs, but now we're beginning to wonder if he may have fractured them! I tried to persuade him to go to the ER but he keeps wanting to wait. But after the pain his ribs gave him today, I think he'll probably be willing to at least see the family doctor).

Thankfully Ringo will be OK. We took him to the vet. His wounds, while nasty, are superficial. We're treating them several times daily with Betadine and giving him antibiotics. He is getting back to his usual self, even wanting to play, but we are trying to take it easy with him.

Many people have wondered what we've done about our neighbor since this. It truly was a terrible thing that happened and we have talked to our neighbor about the fact that he should get rid of that dog. He agreed that he may have to. But for now he is making sure that it is confined and has promised us it won't happen again. Honestly, he has always been very good about keeping his dogs penned up, unlike so many careless neighbors we have that let their dogs run loose around the neighborhood. I honestly don't think he expected this to happen. I can understand that something suprising like this can happen in someone's life, something they don't expect, and they need the offended party to show a little forgiveness. I try to imagine myself in his shoes, if it was our dog that attacked someone or another dog. As hard as that is for me to imagine, it is not impossible. And I know I'd want forgiveness. (Now, if it happens, or comes even close, to happening again, that is different...then he would be negligent, now that he knows what the dog is capable of). But for now, he has been so thoughtful and has been stopping by a lot to see how Ringo is, and insists on paying the vet bill. And last night he brought us a delectable grilled chicken for dinner! It was plump and moist, and he'd butterflied it and cut pockets in the breast meat in which to stuff whole sprigs of fresh rosemary. Delicioso!! It was actually perfect timing, we have both been feeling a little "blue", and I really hadn't planned dinner last night. So all we had to do was make some mashed potatoes, and dinner was served! And I even opened a bottle of Oak Leaf Sauvignon Blanc to complement the meal. Of course, the guest of honor really was Ringo, so he received several juicy pieces of chicken!

So one answer to the timeless question in the title, at least this particular time: The delectable chicken crossed the road as a show of friendship and to make amends. And here's to forgiveness and a fresh start! And we are so thankful that Ringo is going to be OK!


Jenn said...

Kathy...I am so glad that Ringo is getting better, and John really does need to go get checked out. I know how men can be stubborn...but he doesn't need complications down the road.

I think you are doing the right thing...not going on the offensive with your nice it is to forgive and to be forgiven.

Cheers, Jenn

Kathy29156 said...

Glad your dog is going to be OK. Hope your husband will be too.


Kathy said...

Thanks, Jenn and Kathy! I appreciate your comments. They certainly are helpful in dealing with this whole situation. :)

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