Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again! But this year was a first for us....we threw our very first Halloween party on Saturday night. We were so excited! Not exactly sure how to go about it. My husband and I spent much of the week busting our rears to get a back patio at least partially put in so that there'd be more area for entertaining. We can use it because even though our house has an open plan, it is a small house. After working very hard all day Friday on the patio, I was exhausted and hurting! But Saturday we set out to go shopping for the party then come home and prepare.

Time flew much faster than I could ever imagine! I was a frazzled mess!! I was running around trying to do ten things at once. Thank goodness my youngest sister showed up and she was a real help to me, decorating the house, slicing rolls, patting out hamburger patties (for sliders) and even vacuuming for me....what a life-saver!! Then when my Mom arrived she jumped in and helped fry the sliders on the griddle while I mixed up the kid's "swamp punch" in the cauldron. Then my other sister arrived with all the kids!! All four of hers plus 4 more! She jumped in and helped me finish up and then all the food was out and the party was on a roll.

I was a little worried because time had gotten away from us and my husband and I had not been able to do even half the stuff we'd planned. We were worried about entertaining the kids! We'd cleared the living room and hung up a disco ball so the kids would have a place to dance, and John threw on some Halloween tunes (think "monster mash", for one) and some fun dance tunes, including YMCA, which was such a hit that we had to play it twice! And we even played Jenn's favorite blast from the past..."Can't Touch This!" ....ha, ha. (Jenn should appreciate that).

We had quite a spread of food: chicken nugget & cheeseburger sliders, corn dogs, pork n' beans, macaroni salad, cheese & crackers, meatballs, chips, sodas, LOTS of CANDY....the list goes on. And my middle sister (the one with all the kids) brought a "kitty litter box" dessert....LOL! It was in a pan like a litter box with a cake and pudding mixture that looked like kitty litter, and melted tootsie rolls in there that resembled you-know-what! And they even provided a kitty litter scoop. It was gross (but funny)...but it tasted really good.

The kids did a lot of dancing, and they'd go from the house out to our new patio area to cool off and talk. Then we hung a "Frank 'N Pinata" up on the back porch and let them swing away at it!! Eventually the pinata was busted open and candy flew all over the porch and patio and kids scrambled! it was so funny. (My husband discovered a couple tootsie rolls on the patio the next morning that the kids missed). After that the kids did a "spin-the-bottle-for-candy-gamble" sort of game. We were so glad that they all had a blast, even with our poor planning.

Next year we will be sure to allott more time and come up with some games for the kids and make it even more fun. But even with our poor planning, it still came out pretty good and we all had a good time. And we just loved having the kids over! And tonight I'm going to be heading out to trick-or-treat with the kids! I hope all of you have a fun Halloween, tricks, only treats! Happy Halloween!! :)


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