Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself!!

Happy Sunday!! 

I decided to take the weekend off, although I did peek at my email messages and my blog comments today—and guess what?

I got an award!! YAY!!

Tell Me About Yourself Award

This is the Tell Me About Yourself Award and was given to me by Linda at Twin-Cess Diaries

Be sure to stop by her blog and her out!!

So—with this award I must do two things, (I love it when they make it easy!).

1. I must tell 7 things about myself

2. I must pass this award on to 15 other bloggers!

I think I can handle that!

7 Things About Myself:

1. I work nights

2. I homeschool during the day

3. I sleep in the afternoons.

4. I love to watch football!

5. I love Wallace and Grommit.

6. I love wine.

7. I love cheese.

Passing it on to 15 Bloggers!

1. Darlene Bloggity Blogger

2. Foovay’s Cauldron @ Wordpress

3. Titus 2 In Action

4. Casa del Hansen

5. Musing and Amusing

6. Sunshine Food and Wine

7. Best Dad Evar

8. Linda Says…

9. Gosslin Girl

10.  The American Grandma

11.  The Giggling Truckers Wife

12. Wander if You Must

13. The Story

14.  If You Have A Story, Tell It From The Heart

15.  Paula Martin – Romance Author

Congrats to each blogger above.  Please take a few minutes to read each of them!

If I did not get you this time around—my apologies—but as I get more awards—I will try to get one to each blogger I read!!


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