Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Facing Fear

Itsy Bitsy 1I have real fears—whether or not I’ve overcome them is debatable. I am terrified of spiders—but I would not say I suffer from arachnophobia.  I also have a healthy fear of snakes—especially the poisonous ones—and well—since I have zero expertise when it comes to snakes—I should be petrified of them!!  I don’t have any intentions of conquering either of these fears.  They keep me real when confronted with their presence that probably does us both a world of good. (You don’t come near me, I don’t come near you, kind of thing). 

windI have one fear—that I have not overcome and that is the fear of the wind.  Many of you will laugh at the thought of me shaking in my boots when the wind kicks up, howling around every tree and building corner, sometimes causing damage in its path.  There is absolutely nothing that I or anyone else can do to stop the wind from wreaking havoc, if it so chooses and perhaps this is what scares me about it.  Now, I’m not talking about a fear of a gentle breeze—I’m talking about a fear of the strong winds that seem to have a bit of a punch to them.

A great example of my fear came after hurricane Ike landed in Texas.  Some weather system brought these stream-lined winds from Ike all the way up into Ohio.  My mom asked me to come help her paint a bedroom and upon commencing the job she realized she didn’t have something and ran back to the home improvement store to grab the needed item.  I had started painting and we had the windows open in the bedroom because up until that point it had been a nice day out.

Hurricane IkeThe next thing I know I heard the wind really kick it up a notch.  It seemed, at the time to come out of nowhere.  And then the electricity went off.  I thought great—I have about an hour before sundown to paint this huge bedroom.  And within minutes I heard really loud popping.  When I looked outside, to my horror, huge trees were snapping in half, luckily they were landing on either side of my Mom’s house. 

When she returned from the store—she noticed I was really nervous. I told her I wanted to go home—no problem I had finished all but 2 walls and she would take care of it.  I came home to see even further destruction through my own neighborhood including my own house.  Siding had been ripped off the west end of the home.  To top it off, the wind was not done—and we had streamline winds of 40-50mph and gusts up to 70 mph. It lasted maybe 2-3 hours longer after I got home.  I was a nervous wreck the entire time!

To this day, I have not conquered my fear of the wind. I don’t expect that I ever will. As with my fear of spiders and snakes, I guess I’d rather it scare me out of harms way and toward safety then to perhaps get used to it and not fear something that could possibly kill me if out and about in it. Or then again, maybe I’m just silly shaking in my boots.


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Written for NaBloPoMo Have you faced fears and overcome them?

I guess that answer would be no.


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