Thursday, January 19, 2012

TWP Blog Hop #31

Starting this week—I will also be posting The Writers’ Post blog hops here on Wine-n-Chat. I want to leave the Linky Tools for the hop where people can easily grab the link if they wish to enter—and it seems lately the number of people joining via Linky Tools has declined.  So, I’m hoping to rectify that.  Also—I have many faithful readers to my blog—so I’m hoping if they don’t catch this on The Writers’ Post group wall on Facebook or on One Stop Blog World Thursday Page—they may find it here!! 

So here we go!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

So it is once again time for another topic--another subject on which to blog.  This week--I'm going to ask you to consider a "hot button topic" as of late.  Sometimes it is good to think (and blog) critically on a subject--and it can be fun learning something about how you think and how others think in the process!!
So let's have it!!

Drum Roll Please:

Blog Hop #31---                           Censorship

You may take this topic and blog about it any way you desire.  Then come back here and enter the blog hop!!

There are 3 Ways to Enter the Blog Hop!!  Choose 1 or all 3!!

1) Entering through Linky Tools

(You can grab the code below!!)

2) By leaving the URL to your post on The Writers’ Post Group Wall on Facebook

(If you have not joined us there—then click HERE and ask to join the group today!!

3) By leaving a comment in the Chat Box on the One Stop Blog World Thursday page:

Here’s the Link:

I’m looking forward to this week’s entries!! 

That said—if you ever have any questions, just let me know!!

Happy Blogging!!

Jenn 2




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