Tuesday, April 3, 2012


April 3, 2012 is letter C day at the A-Z Challenge—and today I’m going to blog about a particular cause close to my heart.

AprilmonthApril is Autism Awareness month, but as a familiar poster says, “Every day is autism awareness day in our home.”  I have a daughter with an autism spectrum disorder known as PDD-NOS…and she has worked very hard her whole life to become the young woman she is becoming today.

I had no idea what Autism or the various spectrum diagnoses were until she was about 3, at which time, I got a crash course on what exactly my daughter was going to be facing.  This drove me to learn everything I could about Autism Spectrum Disorders and the possible treatment plans.  And then, I set out to explore all the possible avenues I could steer my daughter down in order to give her the best chance at this life.  I’m still trying to steer that ship—and I’m still trying to find the best avenues for her.

aprilisautismawarenessmonthHer journey has been one of mainly triumph after triumph muddled with many heartbreaks along the way.  She’s faced more adversity in the past 13 years that I have faced most of my life.  And yet—her outlook on life is really amazingly simple. She has a joy for this life that is unmatched by many.

It is my wish to eventually write a book with her one day—so that she and I can share her story—kind of a mother and daughter take on the whole thing.  She’s not much of a writer—so the whole idea seems cumbersome to her—but I’ve been encouraging her to at least think about it—because our perspectives (as mother and as daughter) are very different.  The goal would be to educate and give hope to others in the same boat.

I know we all have causes that are particularly close to our heart—so I’d like to hear about the one closest to yours.

What causes are closest to your heart?

What makes that cause the one you support?

Have a Great Tuesday everyone!!
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