Friday, April 27, 2012


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062Her baby blues are bright and beautiful and they light up a room.  Who would have thought that she might have xerophthalmia?  Certainly, not I.  After all—she takes her vitamins daily and those baby blues don’t look very dry.

Yet, she complained of the white board going “fuzzy” during class and it giving her a headache. So we took her to the doctor for glasses.  Then we learned she had perfect vision—but really dry eyes, especially her corneas.  Who would have thought? Increase the vitamin A and all will be well.  Oh and take these drops when things go fuzzy.

We’ve found foods rich in vitamin A, ones that she loves: sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and we’ve increased her daily vitamin times 2.  Still her eyes go dry—so she has her drops to help her out.  Maybe it is something else—like Restasis.  Maybe the dryness is an allergy—but I needed a X word to make things go well today…so xerophthalmia it is.

Do you have dry eyes? 

Could you have a form of xerophthalmia?


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