Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Memories

Today is Day #25 of BlogFEST 2012 and our Host of the Day is Kathy Combs of The Giggling Truckers Wife.  Her topic for today is:

Favorite Halloween Memories

As soon as I seen this topic I knew I was in trouble. 

Shhhhhh.  Here’s a secret.  I don’t like Halloween.

I never have.

file3341347406700 (1)I never liked the fact that we had to dress up as kids.  I hated begging for candy.  What I did like was racing my brother through the neighborhood, door to door, to see how many houses we could visit in the two hours the community gave us to go out that evening.  He and I were always competitive and we loved to run. I still swear I was faster than him—well at least until we hit high school.

I never had a favorite costume.  Even as an adult—when I had to dress up for work—I found it to be a headache. And I had some awesome costumes as an adult.  I went along with it very reluctantly because my roomies pressured me into it—and so did my boss.  I can’t even recall a really cool Halloween story to tell you from my childhood, except racing house to house, which we did every year.  I could divulge a horrendous story as an adult—but I won’t because I’ve been sworn to secrecy for eternity regarding that story.

I’m not much into it where my kids are concerned.  Oh sure, I’ll help them dress up, and get ready.  I take their pictures before they go out.  I usually have a treat ready to go for them too.  They are always so hyped up!!  I wish I could share in their excitement, but I just see it as a lot of hassle for just two hours. My husband really loves Halloween so he gets into it for them and takes them around the neighborhood.  I sit out front and pass out candy.  I ooh and ahh at the little kids and wonder why there are kids taller than me begging for candy??  Seriously??  Okay.. I’ll stop now.  Baaaah Humbug!!  LOL.

My idea of a fun Halloween?  Reading a ghost story.  Sharing a real ghost story. Visiting a real haunted place with all the tools to capture the evidence.  I would LOVE to be able to take a trip up to Mansfield to the old prison there and do one of the Ghost Tours. I think if I could ever manage to remember to check on prices, etc., before they close it down for the season, it would make a really cool Halloween Memory!! 

How About You?  Do you get into Halloween?

Do you have any really cool Halloween Memories?

Any ghostly tales to tell?


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