Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Putting Yourself Last

For day # 18 of BlogFEST 2012 our Host of the Day was Linda Padilla Schulman of Linda Says.  Her topic for today is in the form of a question:

Do you sometimes put yourself on the back burner to conform to others or a situation? Discuss the pros and cons and does one out weigh the other?

For me it depends. I’d like to think I have this balanced out to some degree—but honestly it couldn’t be balanced out without the help of my husband.

Sure I put myself last. I don’t put a meal down on the table and eat first. I usually feed everyone else first and eat last.  The necessities for my children come before my own necessities.  When I married and had children, I knew I would always be putting their best interests before my own. And it is something I chose to do—something I’ve never regretted or seen as a negative thing.

However—the really cool part is—I have a husband who thinks much the same way. We have times where we trade off.  Sometimes he will eat last so I can sit down after the children do at the dinner table.  Sometimes I put one of my interests ahead of his because he says, “it is your turn.” There were times where I’d be the designated parent, and he’d have a drink after a long work day.  Then on another day, he’d say, “it is my turn to be the designated parent, so you can enjoy some wine tonight and relax.” 

So the answer is:  I do sometimes put myself on the back burner—but I at least have a partner that helps with some of the burdens that go along with that. I don’t feel as if I’m conforming to others in this situation.  It is something I gladly take on as the role of wife and mother—and thankfully I’m blessed enough o have someone to share that with.

Oh and that terrific husband I snagged??  Here’s a picture of us at Ash Cave last year.  The picture isn’t smudgy, it is all the ash floating in the air.


Do you feel like you put yourself on the back burner??
Feel free to join us in this prompt and discuss!!

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