Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scary Scenes

Kicking off Week #3 of BlogFEST 2012 is Nicole Pyles of World of My Imagination. She asks her audience:

What movie, book, or television scene scares you the most?

I had to think about this one—because as a general rule—I avoid television and movie scenes that involve any sort of horror. I’m highly visual.  Everything I see visually gets inserted into my subconscious.  As a very vivid dreamer-I relive many of those scenes in my dreams.  When I say—a very vivid dreamer—there are times I have to stop and think if something actually happened of it is was a dream, because my dreams are that real for me.  This may be hard to understand to someone who doesn’t dream  much or can’t remember their dreams-but for someone who is a dreamer—it may make some sense.

birds-edit2When I was a child-I watched the Wizard of Oz.  Yes—the Wicked Witch of the West scared the crap out of me. I had very vivid nightmares of Margaret Hamill in green makeup until I was almost 10.  When I was 11, I watched this movie called The Amityville Horror, about a family plagued by demonic forces.  Once again—I relived many parts of that awful movie in my head for years and years, I’m talking well into my 20’s only after having seen the movie once..mostly behind a pillow.  And of course, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was another movie—that I still have nightmares about to this day. And let me tell you, I never have trusted birds since seeing that awful movie.

So I became aware what would trigger these awful nightmares—I started to consciously avoid movies and television that was visually disturbing to me in any way. I do watch Fringe—and while I enjoy the story and the science mystifies me—I still get images from that show trapped in my noggin and I have awful dreams about some very bizarre stuff. It is kind of a curse—especially when I like a particular show and decide I’m going to watch it—knowing I may have to deal with the active nightmares long after the series has ended.

Open WaterThere is a relatively unknown movie called Open Water. I think it was some sort of Indie Film. I ordered it from Netflix one time.  Although it wasn’t visually scary—the scenario was pretty depressing. Its ending was rather anti-climatic and left me feeling distraught.  I would not call the movie scary—but a real downer and I don’t recommend the movie if you are in any way harboring suicidal tendencies.  I am only bringing it up so you put it on your list of movies to avoid.

I am not subconsciously bothered when it comes to reading books. Actually, I’ve read a great deal of paranormal fiction—from ghost hauntings, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and yes some creepy evil stuff in general and reading doesn’t do anything for my subconscious—so I don’t actively dream about those scenes I read.  None of them seem to scare me either…maybe it is my conscious brain looking for the symbolism or the underlying meaning that has to be there—somewhere.

How about you??   What book, movie, or television scene scares you them most?

I’d love to hear about it—come join us for BlogFEST 2012!


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