Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The NaBloPoMo topic for today is to talk about the last compliment I received.

I’d like to talk about compliments for a minute.  Unfortunately, I am not one to receive them well.  Sure, I’ll type back a ‘thank you’ on Facebook.  That is the polite thing to do right?  But I don’t like to be singled out with a compliment in person.  I can’t really explain it.  And the irony is, I always try to find a way to say something nice about someone else, encourage them, and / or uplift them.  So why is it I don’t receive it well when I’m the one being handed the compliment?

090The exception is my husband and children…I’m okay when they give me a compliment. The most recent compliment I received was from my youngest son—who told me at dinner yesterday, that he liked my cooking.  Now if you’ve read my past posts, you will probably fall out of your chair laughing. 

And the funny thing is, I didn’t even cook the meal he complimented me on.  I bought the rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.  So when I kindly explained that to him, he in return complimented me for picking out the best chicken in the whole store.  I let it go at that—because I didn’t want to have to explain dumb luck to him.  I just think it is cute he was trying to say something nice about his mom to his mom.

Outside of my immediate family, I don’t receive compliments well. I feel very put  on the spot when I do get them—but I feel humbled and honored just the same.  Like I said, it is hard to describe. And it is not that I am ungrateful for the thoughtfulness of the other person—it isn’t like that at all.  I guess I just don’t know how to handle the recognition. 

What about you? 

Do you receive compliments well?

Who was the last person to compliment you?

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