Saturday, November 3, 2012


I have so many plans this weekend—all of which I am going to be cancelling.

lol catz in bedMy daughter woke up sick with a very sore throat Friday.  It is the first day she had to stay home from school this year due to illness.  It ruined her perfect attendance record, which she is sort of bummed out about, but it can’t be helped. 

It also appears that “Mom” always gets it—no matter how careful I am!!!  It’s okay, except I can’t do any of the things that I planned for the weekend.  Such a bummer.  I’m sure I have plenty to do around the house.  It is just when you live at home, teach from home, and work from home, sometimes you like to get out once in awhile. As soon as I’m feeling better, I will need to get out and go somewhere and do something. I’m praying Sunday will be a better day!

So what are your plans this weekend?

Have a Wonderful Saturday!!


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