Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh Look at the Time!

So it has been 8 days since I last posted…

I guess that means I sort of failed at NaBloPoMo this month.  Again!  I find that November is one of the hardest months because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. I don’t know how others do it. I just know that I tend to get caught up in everything and when I finally do have time to sit and write, I’m usually too tired to do so.

I already know that December will not be any easier with the Christmas and New Year’s holidays—but I signed up for NaBloPoMo in December just for kicks and giggles!  You never know if my persistence will pay off?  *snorts*  Yeah okay—I see how much faith you have in me. LOL.  It’s okay.

Now this might shock some of you. I have written approximately 31,000 of a possible novel??  YAY—right??  I should have signed up for NaNoWriMo.  Oh well. I didn’t even realize how much I had written until someone had posted how much they’ve written and I thought, WAIT A SECOND, I’ve been dabbling with this silly story line for about three weeks, let’s see how many words I’VE written.  Yes 30,988.  I am praying work picks up soon.  There is no way in God’s creation I should have that much time on my hands while I work!!

Anyway, here’s a run down of the last week:

Tuesday was uneventful.  As far as I can remember.

001Wednesday we said goodbye to Jake, our foster dog.  His forever Mommy drove all the way from Pennsylvania to come pick him up.  She got acquainted with him and we took him for a walk.  And when she signed all the paperwork and took his leash, we said goodbye.  No tears.  As she walked him to the car he never even looked back.  He just looked at her the whole way, so excited for new stimulation and a new environment.  It was a good match—and I know this lady will take excellent care of him and love him.  So while we were sad for all of a few seconds, we knew this was a very good thing. It felt good too.  Now I am open to fostering another dog in need!!

Thursday was our Thanksgiving.  We had London Broil.  It was awesome.  Kids were a little upset at the no Turkey and no Ham thing until they ate some of that London Broil.  Then they were like, why don’t we do this more often??  LOL.  Kids. Crack. Me. Up.

Friday—stayed home and saved a ton of money. No black Friday shopping for me.

Saturday—we had Turkey and Ham!!  We celebrated Christmas with my Mom, my brother and his family, my cousins and my Aunt.  We watched the OSU-Michigan game.  How about them Buckeyes!!  Topped the day off by going to see Skyfall in the theaters.  Made for a great weekend.


Monday—back to my good ole routine.

Well, if you’re not yawning—then you’re a saint or really bored or something. LOL 

Oh I have so much reading to catch up on!!   If I haven’t been by your blog in awhile—I will be coming by sometime this week!!  AND I have to look at a blog award I received!!  I need to address that soon!!

How were your holidays??


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Rae Wright said...

My holiday was not too bad. We spent it alone, it was the worst month for me though at my job after all, we are in training and had so much high school drama that by the time Thanksgiving came I was wiped out. Needless to say I am staying there and looking for somewhere else to work.

Jenn said...

Oh no--I hate drama!! LOL. I'm glad you got to rest over the holiday. Hope work gets better or you find something better!

Kathy Combs said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday too. Like you, I failed NaBloPoMo for November. My husband was home for 6 days so that pretty much did it. LOL But like you, I also signed up for December. Who knows I could write most or all of it!! LOL Great entertaining post. So happy your foster found a forever home, although I bet it was awful hard to say goodbye. I don't think I could say goodbye to any of them which is why I don't foster anything.


Kathy Combs said...

It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving and were quite busy. I think it would be so hard fostering dogs because then you would eventually have to say goodbye. Like you, I failed to make it every day all month, but like you I have signed up for NaBloPoMo in December. So we will try again next month, regardless of the fact I will probably fall short because of Christmas and New Years! LOL


Amy Morgan said...

What a busy Nov Jenn and congrats on the 31,000 words - quite an accomplishment. Can't wait to hear about the new foster dog. Good luck with that Dec challenge!

Robin said...

I made a turkey AND a ham for Thanksgiving, but a london broil would have been so much better. Next year you need to post your menu a few weeks in advance so that I have time to prepare these things....LOL.
I don't do black Friday, either. Aside from the fact that my shopping is already done, I just think that my time time worth way more than any sale I could ever get in any store. Unless Jeremy Renner was giving away FREE Patriots Season tickets while he was naked - I'll stay home in my my jammies and the heat.

Chasing Joy said...

I did not have turkey either for thanksgiving. I had roast chicken. I also went to see skyfall. I thought i was really great and a little unexpected.
You ar doing great wih your book. I have not even started on mine.

Anne Organista said...

You've been busy but holidays normally are such busy days. But I think that only means you ahd a wonderful time with family. And 31,000 words! That alone is cause for celebration!

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