Friday, November 2, 2012

To Move or Not to Move…

farmhouse1Our goal is to move out of our house, one day and into another one—far away from city-suburbia.  I would prefer we do so in the next two years.  I’d like to move to the country, not too far out in the boon docks—but far enough away to have some privacy, get away from the traffic, and basically have some space.  And as much as I would love to do this—I’m faced with a couple of heavy weighing decisions.

First of all, my husband will retire from his job in 8.5 years.  He won’t exactly be retirement age—but he’ll be close enough.  In that same amount of time, the house that we currently live in will be paid off.   So the question becomes, do we move in 2 years –to a locally desired location—somewhere here in Ohio—or do we wait until the house is paid for and retire somewhere with milder weather, like Tennessee or the Carolinas?

Part of me would be okay with moving in two years and just staying in Ohio for the rest of my life.  Part of me would not.  I’ve lived a lot of different places all over the country growing up, and while I’ve been here the longest, it is not my favorite place to live.  With that said—I don’t know where I’d want to live the most, but I know the climate has to be milder than here and not super hot like Florida.  And I really like parts of North Carolina and Tennessee.  I ask myself all the time, would it be worth the wait?

Then I have to think of my children. I could wait 8.5 years to move—but that would put my youngest son smack dab in the middle of his high school years—and I know what it is like to move when you’re in high school.  It sucks.  I think I had a less than great high school experience because I had to attend three different high schools. I know I don’t want that for my kids—and that would mean waiting 10.5 years to move. And I’m not sure I want to wait that long!!

Sometimes,  I think maybe we should just stay put—but in many ways that is not an option. I’m not happy being so close to other neighbors.  I love my neighbors—don’t get me wrong—but these city plots are just too small for my liking.  I have plans for my future 5-10 acre plot out of the city limits!!  And staying here is really not part of my plan. 

Actually, It is not part of ‘our’ plan.  Somehow we’ll figure it out, hopefully sooner than later!

Do you have plans to move in the near future?
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?


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I'd love to visit there for sure!

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