Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stepping into Art

This week’s host for The Writers’ Post Thursday blog hop is Daphne Steinberg of A Full Degree Below Normal.  She has given us an excellent prompt this week as she poses the question:

“It is said that ‘Life often imitates art.’ If you could step into a book or a piece of art, which one would it be and why?”

Ah, this is an easy question for me to answer, well sort of…

See I could think of at least a dozen books I would thoroughly enjoy stepping into and becoming a part of their world:  Anne of Green Gables, The Hobbit, or even The Gardella Vampire Chronicles to name a few.  However—being a visual gal I think I’d rather jump into a piece of art or two.

One of my favorite artists is Salvador Dali.  I had the privilege of studying his art in a Humanities course I took and I even visited The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.  His work has honestly, always fascinated me and I especially love his use of negative space and light.  Here is probably one of his most recognizable paintings which is called, “La persistencia de la memoria" or The Persistence of Memory:


A self-proclaimed genius, Dali never really gave serious descriptions of his paintings, opening the door to discussion as to their meaning and interpretation.  In his paintings, Dali loves to play with light. Perhaps the soft clocks, the ants, and the fetus like object—all in the “shaded” area of this painting—represent the dream state where time does not persist, but only memories.  The lighter areas in the background, may represent consciousness, noting water, two rocks on the beach and mountains are illuminated.

As famous as this painting is—it is not the painting I’d want to step into first.  You see—I’d like to step into anyone of his paintings, but my first choice, if I had one would be his painting entitled: Apparition of Face and Fruit-Bowl on a Beach:



In this piece, Dali uses negative space to create illusions. In the abstract of the fruit-bowl on the beach—we see a face.  And in the mountains in the upper right we see a dog.  He also makes use of light and dark areas.  Many light areas are open and obvious—but the dark /shaded areas upon second glance also have a lot going on.  The painting may represent a dream state—where certain dreams stand out (rope and robe) and their meaning not all that obscure, while some dreams have a deeper / more hidden meaning (dark apparition of man, child) that need further examination.

Given my adventurous spirit and love of dreams—this would be the piece of artwork I would chose to step into first.  I would make it a point to explore the obvious—but also the more concealed areas.  Oh the stories I could write from such an adventure!  And when I was done stepping into this one—I’d move on to the next one!

If you could step into a book or an artwork which one would you choose and why?

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